Nasal Discharge / Nasal Drip

Nasal Discharge /​ Nasal Drip

This is a description of fluid from the nose which may be either experienced from the front of the nose or down the back (sometimes called ‘post-nasal drip’). The discharge may either be watery or thick which can be difficult to clear and can irritate the back of the throat. It is important to identify the cause of the discharge and this will be assessed at the initial consultation.

There may be evidence of rhinitis (see allergy), sinusitis (see sinusitis) or nasal polyps (see nasal polyps) and these are identified using a small flexible camera, called a nasal endoscope, in the clinic. This small camera is passed into the nose and used to examine where the problem is. This is not a painful procedure as the camera is very small but can feel a little unusual. Once a comprehensive assessment of the problem has been carried out, a management plan will be provided to deal with the excessive and unpleasant sensation of excess mucus.