Allergies, Sneezing, Itching & Irritation

Allergies, Sneezing, Itching & Irritation

Irritation in the nose is often related to the air that we breathe in. Irritants in the air can cause inflammation of the lining in the nose (called ‘rhinitis’) and this is especially true if someone develops an allergy to something they breathe in. Allergy (allergic rhinitis) may be caused by grass or tree pollen (usually starting in Spring) or from house dust mite which lasts all year round.

Management of nasal allergies

Allergic rhinitis is becoming more and more common with some people suffering from multiple allergies. Allergy testing (either in the form of a blood test or skin prick test) can help  identify which irritants are the cause of the nasal symptoms.  Avoiding these irritants can help to reduce symptoms. The treatment of allergic rhinitis usually involves taking regular nasal steroid sprays and antihistamines.

Occasionally surgery can be offered but this is in combination with nasal steroids rather than instead of them (see turbinate surgery). Sometimes desensitisation can be considered so that a person is less effected by a specific allergen.