Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty

Options for sinus related disease include medications, surgery and also balloon sinuplasty. Specially designed balloons can be passed into the sinus openings to stretch them open and improve their normal function for them to drain. The procedure is fairly straightforward and involves minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues reducing the risk to structures nearby. Mr. Barraclough has undertaken the specialised training required for this procedure and therefore this is an option available to patients with sinus related problems. Sometimes endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) will be performed together with balloon sinuplasty.

Pre Operation

What to expect

A comprehensive assessment will be made before the procedure to assess the site and extent of the sinus disease. This will involve an assessment of the nose with an endoscope (small camera inside the nose) in clinic which is not a painful procedure and a CT scan of the sinuses to evaluate the problems further. Balloon sinuplasty can either be performed whilst a patient is awake with local anaesthetic to numb the nose to ensure maximum comfort levels, or whilst the patient is asleep under general anaesthetic. The natural openings of the sinuses are opened to improve their normal functioning and drainage. No cutting of tissue is necessary.

Post Operation

After Surgery

We would expect you to go home soon after the procedure is performed. Advice will be provided after the procedure including continued use of nasal steroid sprays and washing the nose with salty water (nasal douche). A review in clinic will be made so that an assessment of the sinuses can be made after the procedure.