Tonsillectomy / Adenoidectomy

Tonsillectomy /​ Adenoidectomy

This procedure involves removing the tonsils under a general anaesthetic whilst asleep and is usually performed as a day case procedure. The advantages of having the operation must be weighed against the potential risks which include bleeding, pain, teeth and lip injury and a small chance of a change in the voice. The risk of bleeding is approximately 3% so is not common but can occur occasionally. Sometimes the bleeding requires a return to theatre for it to stop.

An adenoidectomy involves removing the adenoid tissue from the back of the nose. This may be performed by itself or together with a tonsillectomy. Both of these procedures are performed using a well recognised standard technique. It is important to ensure that discomfort is kept to a minimum after surgery by taking regular painkillers after this operation. Eating and drinking as normally as possible afterwards also helps with the healing process.