Tongue Tie Division / Frenulectomy

Tongue Tie Division /​ Frenulectomy

Underneath the tongue there is a band of tissue in the centre that can occasionally be shorter and tighter than usual. Called a ‘tongue tie’, this can restrict a person’s ability to stick their tongue out (protrude the tongue) and if it is very tight can cause newborns to struggle to feed and children to form an ’s’ or a ’t’ easily. Movement of the tongue and the consequences of a ‘tongue tie’ can be assessed at the consultation. If appropriate, a tongue tie division can be offered. This is a straightforward procedure that allows better protrusion of the tongue, reducing the consequences of the restriction.

For newborn children with a tongue tie the division can be performed in clinic and takes seconds to carry out. We would advise the child is not fed before the procedure so that they are hungry to feed immediately afterwards. In adults this procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic and so is painless and quick to perform. The area under the tongue will heal very quickly and normal eating and drinking is recommended.