Sore Throats, Quinsies and Tonsil Stones

Sore Throats, Quinsies and Tonsil Stones

Repeated sore throats occur in adults as well as children. Recurrent tonsillitis in particular can be hugely disabling. It leads to an inability to go to work, perform normal activities, sleep well, socialise and has consequences for the rest of the family. The only way of stopping repeated episodes of tonsillitis is to remove the tonsils. There are specific criteria for being offered a tonsillectomy in the public health system and these are recognised as being overly strict. This results in some people being refused a tonsillectomy that may be of benefit to them.


Some people experience a quinsy; an abscess around the tonsil tissue. This requires treatment at the time to drain the pus from around the tonsil. If this occurs more than once then it is worth considering a tonsillectomy to prevent a quinsy from occurring again.

Tonsil Stone

Tonsil stones are a build up of food debris within the crevasses of tonsils. They mainly occur in adults but can occur in younger age groups. Tonsil stones can lead to discomfort in the throat and halitosis (smelly breath). The usual recommendation is to use mouth wash first but if this is ineffective then a tonsillectomy can be considered. This must be weighed up against the risks involved with a tonsillectomy.