Ear, Nose & Throat

Midland Nose Surgery offers a comprehensive assessment of all ENT conditions. Please use the relevant links below for detailed information regarding the most common conditions and procedures we perform. Many Ear, Nose and Throat problems can be effectively managed as an outpatient without the need for surgery. We will always endeavour to provide you with the least invasive course of action with surgical intervention as a final resort.

What happens during your Consultation?

You will be thoroughly assessed and examined at your initial outpatient appointment by Mr Barraclough. In the light of this evaluation a tailor-made treatment programme will be made and any necessary tests or therapies commenced straight away. All the latest medical and surgical treatments will be discussed with you fully prior to further action.

What happens after your Consultation?

Patients can expect to leave the clinic with a management plan and appropriate advice. Further investigations, medical consultations or surgical intervention will be discussed and planned to suit your personal timescales. We will write to your GP after your visit to provide them with details of your consultation in accordance with good clinical practice. Please be assured that you will be sent a copy of all correspondence with your GP.

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