What Fees Will I Pay?

Transparent Costing
What Fees Will I Pay?

Private Patient Outpatient Fees

As an outpatient you will be charged a consultation fee when visiting us in clinic. Your consultation fee does not include the cost of specialist diagnostic or therapeutic procedures that may be performed at the same time as your consultation. We operate a transparent fee schedule for all procedures and treatments, the most common of which we have detailed below (please note these do not include the hospital fees, please see below):

New Consultations£195
Review/Follow Up Consultations£145
Microsuction of Ears (within consultation)£60
One-stop ear microsuction (ear wax removal) – (including hospital fee)£120
Flexible Nasendoscopy£60
Manipulation of Fractured Nose Under Local Anaesthetic (within 3 weeks of injury)£300
Nasal Septum Cautery£200
Biopsy of Septum of Nose£150
Biopsy of Skin Lesion£150
Removal of Foreign Body from Cavity of Nose£150
Screening audiogram£120
Epley Manoeuvre£60

If you wish to know more about the potential cost of your treatment then feel free to ask Mr Barraclough at the time of your consultation or use the contact form below to enquire about costs in advance.

Private Hospital Outpatient Fees

Please be aware that consultant fees are only part of the cost of private medical treatment. Should you require extra diagnostic tests or treatments, private hospitals will charge you separately for using their equipment in outpatients and for their nursing support. There may be further bills for scans, blood tests and private prescriptions. Hospital charges are not under our control however we will do our best to estimate the total cost of your first appointment in advance.

For illustration, the table below lists approximate fees charged by private hospitals:

Flexible Nasendoscopy£123
Local Anaesthetic£230
Nasal Septum Cautery£123
Biopsy of Skin Lesion£300
Removal of Foreign Body from Cavity of Nose£650
Microsuction of Ears£123

Please note that you may also swap between private and NHS treatment at any time, subject to your GP referring you back into the NHS system.

Inpatient/Surgical Procedures

A written quotation will be provided to patients requiring a surgical procedure. This will be a fixed price which will include all consultations, operating, anaesthetist, hospital fees and aftercare.

Private Medical Insurance

If you have a medical problem that you believe is covered by your medical insurance then you should correspond with your insurance company prior to booking your appointments to obtain pre-authorisation. Please bring your policy details with you on the day of your appointment along with any pre-authorisation coding.

In most incidences we are able to invoice the insurance company directly for our fees. There is a lot of variation between individual policies some insurers now have an excess payment or costsharing scheme, which requires you to pay part of the fees. You should clarify this with your insurance company prior to commencing treatment.

Your treatment with Mr Barraclough is bound by an agreement between you (the patient) and Mr Barraclough, and not between your insurance company and Mr Barraclough. It is therefore your responsibility to settle any shortfall if your insurance company refuses payment or does not cover the total cost of your treatment.

Mr Barraclough is registered with all the major medical insurance companies (including but not limited to):

  • Aviva Health
  • AXA Healthcare
  • Benenden Health
  • BUPA
  • Cigna
  • Exeter Family Friendly
  • Freedom Health
  • Health-on-Line
  • InterGlobal
  • SecureHealth
  • Vitality Health
  • Westfield Health WPA